Welcome to a place for mindfulness and relaxation in Galway city. Experience thebenefits of meditation, relaxation, yoga and other wonderful activities. We created this place to help you rest and find stillness in a nurturing and comfortable environment. If you want to relax with a sound bath, learn how to use mindfulness to manage stress, practice yoga, or try other activities beneficial for your physical and mental well- being, check our timetable for regular classes. 

We will be inviting many interesting teachers, organising voice and sound courses and relaxation concerts with amazing artists from around the world.

Our Story

Mindfulness Haven Galway idea was born in 2019 out of our Sound Magic Ireland project. Since 2011 we have been sharing sound relaxation experience with thousands of people in Ireland. It all started in Galway with few singing bowls and tiny gong. Since then, we've purchased a lot of unique instruments, large gongs and learned a lot along the way. We travel around Ireland with our sounds and relaxation techniques, intending to assist all generations of people to feel more relaxed and at ease. We find that using mindfulness practice together with sound relaxation can have a profound effect. People learn a simple technique that they can bring home with them. In the last 8 years we've developed our own unique way of working with sound.

I decided to open the studio in Galway to be able to provide a full experience with equipment that supports the relaxation even more and offer workshops and services that educate and offer techniques in support of mental and emotional health.

After experiencing anxiety and panic disorder, along with PTSD and postnatal depression for years I have been exploring and learning about those conditions, discovering practices that can be very helpful for not only managing it but also transforming it completely to restore balance and well-being in my life and now life's of others.
I become aware of those conditions being a global problem, and not seeing enough support and open talk about those.

I am dedicated to supporting others like me, especially women who experience similar challenging feelings and are looking for a way out. I am continuously looking for great quality workshops and techniques to improve services in our studio, and to be able to offer a wide range of options for adults and children.

To find out more about Sound Magic Ireland and our classes in other venues.

Visit our website www.soundmagicireland.com

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Our Mission

At the heart of our services lies your well-being and total comfort so you can completely surrender and enjoy every session in our Studio.

We intend to share and promote meditation, mindfulness, sound healing and relaxation culture amongst all generations and communities, starting with children up to the senior ages.

We believe that relaxation is the key to a healthy mind and body, and is essential in our busy modern world.

We have programmes designed for corporate wellness that can be tailored to your needs.

Visit our Mindfulness Haven Academy website for online courses


Beautiful space for self care and self love.

Sharon Fitzmaurice

You have to experience the relaxation you feel after a session of gongs. Its just magical. Blessed that ye have a space in Galway now. 

Lorraine Carrigan

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