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Available as an online consultation through zoom or skype.

Stress has some common characteristics for all of us, but our resilience to stress and response to different kinds of relaxation practices is unique for each of us. By working with you privately and being able to observe and measure your reactions with GSR, we will be able to find the most proper tools for you to manage your stress levels. Galvanic Skin Response device will measure your responses to stress, tracking your progress in meditation. It also gives me insight into your response to different forms of stress management tools, and shows you progress that you will be making with your daily practice. 

Mindfulness has been proven to help manage stress and anxiety, reduce panic attacks episodes or even help to free from them forever. It has significant benefits for people suffering from chronic pain, helping to manage pain and reduce sensations of pain through working with fears and habitual responses of our mind and body.

 A few of the proven benefits of mindfulness: 

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Pain management
  • Enhanced health
  • Decreased stress & anxiety
  • Reduction and skilful management of panic attacks episodes
  • Increased sense of calm
  • Improved sleep
  • Skilful responses to difficult emotions
  • Increased empathy and understanding of others
  • Improved impulse control
  • Increased appreciation for life
  • Better listening skills and compassionate communication with others
  • Improving relationships

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Online course on the lerning platform and webinars. Contact us for more information.

The programme is an introduction to meditation and mindfulness in a simple and gentle way. I will be using guided meditations, nature sounds and sounds of the singing bowls to help you to ease into the meditation state. It can be very beneficial at the beginning of your journey with meditation, making it less intense, and when you are ready, we will practice more of the silent meditation, slowly extending the duration of the practice.
We will also focus on managing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, so it can be very beneficial for those who are looking for an effective tool to deal with it.
No experience needed. Beginner friendly, experienced meditators also welcome.
Mindfulness has been proven to have many benefits, one of which is stress and anxiety reduction, improving sleep, managing difficult emotions, and helping to manage chronic pain.

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We offer a complete package for corporate events. So if you care about the well-being of your staff you can book us for 1 or 2 h session, or regular weekly programme depending on your schedule. 

We'll guide you to understand the mechanics of stress and give your people skills and ideas how to deal with it in the work environment. Our recommendations are based on research on  neuroscience and mindfulness. 

And of course we'll get everyone relaxed with our wonderful sound bath, so you'll leave rejuvenated. 

We also offer yoga classes and chair yoga routine for lunch time stretch. 

We also travel on request to your chosen location.

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Private online consultations available.

This workshop is a chance to look at those challenging experiences and feelings with curiosity and compassion. Developing acceptance and friendly attitude through looking at our mind and body from a completely different perspective, cultivating spaciousness and openness but also understanding mechanisms lying beneath those intense experiences. 

It is not so much about facing your fears and trying, it is exploring them and hearing them out. From this point of compassion and gentleness with ourselves we will be going to deeply relaxing and meditative states, using yoga nidra, sound and some form of hypnotic language you have a chance to connect with deeper parts of the sub-conscious mind and rewire some of the beliefs and ideas through positive affirmations and intentions. 

I will share with you some of the techniques I learned when I was working with my anxiety and panic disorder. How to come back to the calm place, when things seem to get out of control, and how to manage stress and increase wellness in your life to achieve greater balance. Afterall there is no one golden way to respond to those challenging moments, and there has to be a balance between all aspects of our being. We will work with our mind, but I will also mention how to support the body with diet, exercise and natural medicine.

Techniques used:

  • practical information,
  • journaling,
  • sound bath, 
  • mindfulness and guided meditation
  • relaxation techniques
  • positive affirmations
  • breathing exercises
  • yoga nidra

Sound Bath is a form of deep relaxation that allows the mind to enter parts of our subconscious mind, where we can change and rewire our habitual connections and patterns. Sounds played will gently move you to the calmer and more relaxed state, where hypnosis can be even more powerful, and planting positive affirmations which will change your beliefs about the fear and yourself can be much easier. To deepen this process, I will also use yoga nidra relaxation.

Before we start to change anything, we will have a serious of conscious exercises helping you to explore and understand your fear but also to learn how to be with it in a calm and non-judgemental way.

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(Weekly sessions on Sundays @ 7 pm- 8.15 pm )

Sound bath is a form of deep relaxation with the sounds and vibration of gongs, singing bowls and other ethnic instruments. It is an effortless way to enter meditation state and to relax. This practice gives us not only a chance to relax and contemplate, but also can result in many health benefits if attended regularly. 

It is a form of meditation practice what also means that you can become aware of your thoughts, emotions, or various sensations in the body — both pleasant and unpleasant. We encourage you to leave all the expectations behind when entering the room. It will help you to be more present with whatever you will experience during the session. As the mind gets familiar with the new sounds, you allow yourself to let go of your thoughts and tensions. For some people, it happens quickly while for others, it can take a bit longer process. Like any form of practice, it may not suit everyone, but I encourage you to give it a try as it may be a fantastic way to calm your mind and body, contributing to the better health and stress reduction.

All equipment is provided yoga studio: yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows & cushions. For extra comfort you can bring a single duvet or folded mat. Please wear comfortable but warm clothes.

Session duration 75 min. No previous experience is needed.

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Guided meditation evenings. We will practice sitting meditation, using different anchors for our concentration, and self- discovery. 

Focusing on the breath sensations in the body- so-called body scan meditation with the singing bowls silent meditation 

These sessions are open to everyone. Beginners and those who already practice some form of meditation.

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Mindfulness based child and parent interaction in a form of games and activities supporting connection, and building empathy.

It is focused on the mindfulness practice but contains also other helpful techniques, games, and relaxations that are very beneficial both for children and parents.

Strengthening family relationships, building self-compassion and practicing techniques, which will be very beneficial in stressful situations, managing anxiety, building self- esteem, calming down the nervous system helping to cultivate a calmer mind in the future, supporting bed time routine.

The whole programme includes 5 sessions, during which we will be exploring :

  • Mindfulness
  • Massage (face massage, head massage, back massage, hand massage, feet massage, over clothes)
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxation (visualization, guided relaxation, relaxing games)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Games in pairs
  • Sound Bath Relaxation 
  • Relaxing bed time routine: visualisations, mindfulness practice, relaxation and massage for sound sleep.
  • yoga nidra relaxation 
  • creating music together

This is a pilot session and we will start with yoga nidra for bedtime routine and sound bath relaxation. If there is an interest in the rest of the programme We will be happy to organise more sessions.

Cost: €25 per parent and child per session. 




Self- learning process on the online learning platform.

This course is an introduction to mindfulness practice and other stress management techniques for teachers.  I will introduce you to the concept of neuroeducation, music as a tool to understand emotions and practice self-regulation and relaxation for creating a positive learning environment.

You will receive ready to implement curriculum for your school, so mindfulness can be introduced to children in a fun and interactive way. Children will be looking forward to their daily routine and so do teachers. It will certainly not only be the next subject to learn, but a way to connect with each other and find joy in practising together. It provides a break, creates special energy in the classroom, helps teachers to teach and children to learn, but most of all it promotes well-being and emotional resilience for all involved.   ​ ​

For the course prospectus and booking contact us at   or  call 0851386529

Circle of Men 


A space for men to connect authenticall to share our joys and sorrows. A space to support ourselves and other men. All of you is welcome here. We'll work on our integrity, commitments and our shadows if needs be. We'll co-create space so all of us can have a change for a fuller, happier, more authentic lives.
An evening facilitated by men for men.

This is a pilot session, with scope to build a resilient community of men in Galway.
The structure of the circle is inspired by ManKind Project iGroups but it's open to all men

Commitment €10 to cover the costs

Please confirm your commitment by texting

Lukasz 0851386537



Whether you are planning a home birth, hoping for natural birth without interventions, have planned C- section, or prefer medications for pain management during your childbirth this course will help you find peace with unexpected situations, manage fear and anxiety related to your childbirth and funture challanges that parenhood brings, help have more fulfilling and present experience of your birth, and assist you with all those changes in your life and body that come after you bring your baby home. 

You will learn mindfulness-based pain management, managing fear, anxiety and learning about the role of relaxation during childbirth. Some very specific massage techniques will be introduced for childbirth as well. 

Research proves mindfulness is a fantastic and very beneficial tool for childbirth, reducing greatly need for interventions, and medication, reducing pain, fear, and have a very positive effect on mental state during the post-natal period. 

Cost: €390 per couple, €300 for a single mum (8*90 min sessions, printed materials, recorded guided practices, digital version of 2 relaxation CDs)

To find out more about our course email

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+353 85 138 6529


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